How to change the name of W5500?

My W5500 chip is show as follows in my router’s interface:

Index IP Address MAC Address Leased Time HOST ID
4 00-08-DC-1D-62-BC 160:59:05.230 WIZnetb¼

How do I change the “HOST ID” field on my W5500 chip?

The name that you find on the router is what the W5500 sent during DHCP exchange procedure.
If you used the DHCP client source code example downloaded from WIZNET site then…
open ioLibrary\Internet\DHCP\DHCP.h and just change the definition in this line

#define DCHP_HOST_NAME     "WIZnet\0"

with what you want and recompile everything.

Oh, thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: