WIZ105SR in TCP mode. No data come in

Hi to all.
It is the first time I work with TCP devices, always done via serial.
I have to receive data from a weigh station with WIZ105SR via TCP in the LAN. I use windows sockets (winsock.dll) to connect (is it the right choice?) and the connection in successful. Then I wait for the device sending the weight when stable: I receive it only one or two times then all seems blocked. Nothing arrives and we must shut down the device and wait, then try to restart but same thing.
What can be the problem?
Many thanks.


Dear Gigit

I need more information to investigate your issue in detail.
Could you provide screen images of configuration tool to me for all options?
And you can update the latest firmware from the following site.
wiznet.co.kr/sub_modules/en/ … wnload.asp


Hi Jim, sorry to be late. The problem was the configuration of the weighing station: it was configured to senda data when stable but first it needed to be zeroed. So I recevied only the first weight and not every weight when changed.
Now it is configured to senda data on request.
Many thanks.

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