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Problem with compilation of FTP Server code for W5500-EVB board


We are trying to implement FTP server for our application and also purchased the W5500-EVB board just because it can handle the FTP server program. Once the testing is completed, we are planning to purchase huge number of W5500 chips.

Now we are stuck up with issues

As instructed in github as well as wiznetmuseum, i imported the project files into LPCXpresso. When trying to build, i am getting

Fatal error: “wizchip_conf.h” : No such file or directory

I tried to download the wizchip_conf.h from wiznet forum website. But, again it gives some other error.

I am stuck up and not able to compile. Please look into this matter at the earliest and provide the proper set of codes.
Also, please provide the .hex file, which I can download on to the board directly in order to test for the FTP server.

Also, i need clarifications on the following points:

  1. Can i directly pass SPI data on SCK0, MISO0 and MOSI signals? Are there any modifications needed to the FTP server application code in order to pass the SPI data?

  2. Can i directly pass the parallel data on pins D0, D1,…D15? are there any modifications needed to the FTP server application code in order to pass the parallel data?
    please reply

Dear svnagendra2003

I guess that maybe you download project files by “Download ZIP” in a browser.
If you use “Download ZIP” in a browser, there are no source files of ioLibrary.
You must copy source files of ioLibrary to an ioLibrary directory on project.
Refer to youtube.com/watch?v=mt815RBGdsA

  1. You can use SPI0. Please refer to “spiHandler.c”.
  2. D0~D15 are digital pins. You must control D0~D15 yourself to pass the parallel data.


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