Problem with logging data using W5500-EVB


Please provide a proper method/easiest method of capturing FPGA data over Ethernet by using W5500-EVB board.
Our choices are SPI or UART or Parallel interface. We have now tested with SPI data and we are failing to send SPI data over Ethernet using W5500-EVB board.
If there is any example code for sending UART or SPI data over Ethernet and log in the client PC, that would really help us at this moment.

Thanks & Regards

Dear svnagendra

I think that you need our another solution. I suggest the WIZ550S2E module.

Your FPGA->UART->WIZ550S2E module(TCP Client)->Ethernet->TCP Server(PC)

WIZ550S2E module is a commerical product.
You can use that immediately.