Wizfi630 Firmware support


I have a problem with my Wizfi630 modules related to command mode.
With my older modules (about 60 of them purchase early last year firmware version 1.1.28) when I use a hard reset (take EJTAG_TO) low for 10 seconds the modules reset. When the reset completes the IP address returns to your factor value ( and the serial port #1 command mode box is cleared. IE command mode is controlled by a <+++> command.

With some new modules that I just purchase the IP address resets, but the serial port #1 command mode box is checked!!
With this box checked I cannot use the modules without a PCB change which is not desirable.
The new modules arrived with firmware version 1.1.31 but I observe the same behaviour even if I change the firmware version to 1.1.25 (the latest production release as per the website)

What I need is for the serial port #1 command mode box to be cleared out of reset, how can I achieve this on the wizfi630 modules that currently don’t do this?

How is the default reset state configured? (ie is it in the application, the bootloader, some non volatile registers that are factory (or user) configurable)
Is this reset a feature of the bootloader?
How do I tell what the bootloader version is?
How do I get the version of bootloader that I want?

Can you send me firmware version 1.1.28 as I did all my testing with this firmware version.

Firmware 1.1.31 has been sent to your e-mail.
I guess that the firmware is not problematic.

Can you take a test with this firmware version? If not, we will send you the 1.1.28 version as you want.

I don’t think the firmware is a problem.

The latest wizfi639 module I purchase has a factory default reset state with serial port #1 command mode H/W GPIO enabled
The last bach (April 2014) had a factory default reset state with serial port #1 command mode H/W GPIO disabled

Can I set them both to be the same?


Sorry my email server has deleted the attachment please sent use:
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Thankyou Firmware version V1.1.28 resolves my problems.