W5500 transformer


Can you use network transformer&RJ45 (like hanrun hr911105a), instead pulse transformer in your w5500 reference design.

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Dear customer.
Thanks for your interest in W5500.

We tested same schematic RJ45 of other company, and W5500 works well.
So, I think HR911105A could be used in W5500.
But I recommend RJ45 in our reference design.


@hjjeon0608, I had an HR911105A lying around so I used it with your setup and it works perfectly fine. Now I did have a few simple questions. Can I continue using it for a long time, I’m not sure if it’ll adversely affect my W5500. Also, could you please tell me a little more about why you’ll recommend RJ45? What are the specific differences in the two that might make the whole system stable for me in the long run?

Hi vedat,

The reason I recommend reference RJ45 is we have tested it. We don’t test all RJ45 but HR911105A is same characteristic as our reference RJ45 so it will work well. And it’s all I can tell you.

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