Wiznet1000 not read data

I have a question
I have connected a wiznet 1000 to my PC, communication works perfectly when I test connection to my PC, the problem appears when I connect a PC via the RS232, a voltmeter, achievement send signal to the air but when the device tries to send the reading not shown, does not transmit data back, the strange thing is that if I connect to the PC RS232 I communicate to wiznet1000 perfectly. I do not know whether to communicate with a computer through the 1000 wiznet do anything special, I have installed the Agilent VISA, and this recognizes the computer, but when I want the computer data sent me something does not work.

Dear rperez2078

I need more information in detail.
Please test again after enable Serial Debug Mode(B) in cfg tool.
And send all screen images of cfg tool to me. (Network, Serial, Options)
If you can use Wireshark, that log is helpful to me.

If a problem is ocurred after you install the Agilent VISA, I recommand to disabe or uninstall that program.


Thanks for answering my question
Use the programs you recommended I sent the pictures but when I try to read the instrument nothing appears


In your image, the operation is normal. What is problem?
And please attach raw data of Wireshark, not image.


hello, I am Olivia Williams and i was the same problem now it resolve.thank you for your post.

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