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Sharc dsp with w5500

Can we add ethernet capability to analog devices SHARC DSP which have sport instead of spi using wiznet w5500

??? I can’t understand what you posted. :cry:

I want to add ethernet to analog devices DSP .This DSP has sport instead of SPI PORT .sport can be emulated as SPI I need drivers for DSP to add ethernet to DSP .Is any diriver availble to do above work thanks

first of all you’re talking about a microprocessor?
If you have only a serial port can not directly attack the W5500 since it only has a SPI port to communicate.
With four lines IO can simulate a SPI but you have to create the protocol from scratch and is not a joke.
If the processor has at least a dozen lines you can communicate in parallel with a different type ETH device like a W5100 and may be relatively simple.
But if you’re talking about a serial device (not a microcontroller) that has a serial port then first you have to connect the device to a microcontroller that can command the W5500 also through its SPI port … then first you have to decide which microcontroller use.

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