Remote access with Configuration Tool

Can anyone tell me if I can I use the WIZnet Configuration Tool Version 1.02 to program a remote device on the internet?
This tool seems to be locked in broadcast for module search and I would like to enter my remote IP Address.

Example: my PC is at 192.168.0.XX, and I want to try programming my WIZ550web at
When I open WIZnet Config Tool ‘Search Method’ is ‘grayed out’ so when I click search it sends a broadcast with destination 6550.
I want to tell the WIZnet Config Tool to look at a specific location.

I’m not a networking guy and usually rely on this stuff to just work so maybe there’s a different solution.
Can I tell my computer that when there is a Broadcast UDP to port 6550 that it should go out and ask a specific address about it?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, romanyork.
WIZnet Configuration tool version 1.02 (for WIZ550web and WIZ550S2E) is only supported ‘broadcast search method’ currently.

The rest of the search methods are scheduled to be implemented.
The implementation plans will be announced later.

Thank you for the reply hkjung.
Will source code for the configuration code be available ever?

The Configuration tool’s source code published plan is not yet.