Circuit Review

Hello, I have designed my own board to fit my system. I have tried to follow the w5100 reference circuit but seem to have some intermittent problems where the connections will start timing out. My first version of my design used an embed WIZ810MJ ver 1.2 and works correctly with my bus interface logic.

I tried to make an all in one card and start to have some issues.

Would it be possible to have someone review my eagle design file?

uther2.PDF (57.8 KB)

Edit: One thing i just noticed is that on my module based prototype I have grounded all the extra address lines but I did not do that on my new all in one card. Could that cause my issue?


I will inform him of your post by writing to him a email.
I hope to give a positive answer as soon as possible.

irina Kim :slight_smile:

Hi Thank you very much. I did add grounding to those unused address pins and it seemed to help. A review would still be welcomed.


HI is a review of my circuit still possible please?