[From Q&A]Regarding interface Of NM7010B+ with 8051


i am using NM7010B+ wiznet module.now i want to interface NM7010B+ module with 8051 microcontroller please help me by giving the technical support. i want Kiel C program to inteface NM7010B+ with 8051.


NM7010B+ is the network module that includes W3150A+ (TCP/IP hardwired chip), Ethernet PHY (IP101A), MAG-JACK (RJ45 with X’FMR) with other glue logics. It can be used as a component and no effort is required to interface W3150A+ and PHY chip. The NM7010B+ is an ideal option for users who want to develop their Internet enabling systems rapidly.

Unfortunately there is no example about 8051 but we have an Atmega128 example(EVB B1+ product) so you can refer to it.
In our website, you can find the material that how to interface NM7010B+ with Atmel128. Schematic ,source code and documentation, all of them is open there. You can refer to them.



Are there general libraries available for 8051 family devices ?

I am using C8051F340 CPUs in several projects and will be developing my own code by porting an existing library if I can not find one suitable.