W7100A programming protocol


We use WIZ107SR with custom firmware for our devices. To upload firmware into W7100A we use WizISP program.
Can we program chip another way? Can you share W7100A programming protocol?

Regards, Vitaly.

Hi Vitaly.
Which firmware version and hardware revision does you use?
Users can upload firmware to WIZ107SR module using configuration tool.
It should be noted that only application firmware parts can be uploaded using configuration tool. (!! does not included ‘Boot’ parts !!)

Available upload method are as follows:

  1. Application + Boot parts: firmware upload using WizISP program
  2. Application parts only: firmware upload using Configuration-tool program
    (When the ‘boot’ part is already uploaded)

If you want to making your own configuration tool, please refer to the WIZ107SR programming protocol guide - ‘WIZ107/108SR S2E Programming Guide’
wiznet.co.kr/UpLoad_Files/Re … _V100E.pdf