WIZ 830MJ High Network performance

One of my client in “Defence” wants to use WIZ830MJ as they require 16 bit databus width also the network performance shall be 100Mbps (anything between 60 to 100 Mbps).
Also they are planning to interface the module with some CPLD or FPGA processor.
But as mentioned in Wiz 830MJ datasheet is 50 Mbps.
Now my question is :
1.Can we increase the network performance upto 60 to 70 Mbps?
2. Can you suggest any of yours product which can do that?

Network performance depends on the bus speed of the host MCU.
Theoretically the data speed of WIZ830MJ(W5300) can be up to 80Mbps via DMA interface in full-dullpex mode +receive).