Configure with Mac

I have been trying to configure the tinysine wifi shield from my mac following tinysine’s youtube video. But I am unable to because the wifibee setting tool doesnt exist for mac, only for PC.

I have downloaded a program called XCTU which allows me to connect to devices and program them. But I am unsure what to do. Please help me.

I just need to know how to connect to the wifi shield and configure its ssid, pwd and IP from my mac.

hi quique

[url]WiFiBee WiFi Module - Wire Antenna

if you want to know about upper link’s product
Unfortunately, tinysine’s wifibee module is not ours…

So which product do you make?

hi quique

There is a list of our products.

we develope hardwired TCP/IP chips and WizFi(Wi-Fi) modules not wifibee module.
The “WIZnet signature” was written on the front of all kinds of our product we make.