Cannot write SIPR Register

Hello there,

i have a huge problem accessing the SIPR Register via 16 Bit bus. I can write and read every other register but the SIPR1 register.
But the SIPR1 register always stays 0x0000. With 8 Bit bus mode it works but in 16 Bit bus something´s wrong.
SIPR0 works fine…
Are there any suggestions or similar problems known?


Hello, Roscoe

There are some reasons make the problem happen.

  1. I wonder if you use driver for 16bit MCU we provide or use your own driver.
  2. if MR(Mode Register) is set incorrectly, it happens.
  3. There are Direct Address Mode and Indirect Address Mode. and both has different pin setting. I suggest you to check w5300 datasheet with them.
  4. There is Idenrification Register(IDR). If you can read IDR correctly, there is no problem with reading data. So test to read IDR. It initialized with 0x5300.

I can’t check your coding, so I suggest some reasons make it happens.
Check it on with above solutions and let me know.

Thank you.