W7500 ISP Documentation

Hi guys,
Just wanted to know if there is any documentation describing the ISP protocol for the W7500 ?
I need to implement my own host side plugin and need the details of it.



Do you mean SPI protocol for the W7500?
SPI protocol is one of SSP and informed in W7500 datasheet, reference as well.
You can follow the Motorola SPI protocol format written in out datasheet.

wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=pro … :documents

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Nops, I mean the ISP (In System Program) protocol.
When the device starts up it is possible to load the flash with FW over a serial port. It is this protocol that I am looking for a description of.



Sorry I did not notice what you said.


Please enter upper link. It is all about ISP download and how to use ISP program.

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