[From QnA]WIZ810MJ Power Requirements


We have recently moved from the NM7010A WIZnet module to the newer WIZ810MJ device. We have updated our CAD to match the design in the datasheet but the module seems to be using a large amount of current (200 - 300mA) and is getting quite hot. The LEDs on the Ethernet connector are flashing every so often but this is all that is happening.

Please can you tell me what the expected current usage from the module is and if the flashing of the LEDs on the ethernet connector is normal behaviour at power on with a network connected.

Here is a picture showing our current schematic.

Hello Ben,
The WIZ810MJ has W5100, it consumes 146 ~ 183mA.
And WIZ810 also has MACJACK with 2 LEDs.
So the 200 ~ 300mA is normal consumption current.
And the operating temperature of W5100 is -45 ~ 85 celcius degree.
If your WIZ810MJ gose over 85 celcius degree, please let us know.