Wiz820io + At89c51. How To start

Hi. So I have this module and Atmel at89c51 chip. What library should I use? Is there a sample code for 8051 chip?
I’m really new to microchip programming, but I really need to do this.
I use Keil 4 IDE. I have all the stuff connected and working, all I need is how to configure(MAC,IP,NETMASK etc.) Wiz820 throught SPI, send and recive data. All the code I found is for Arduino or ARM, nothing in C for at89c51. I have SPI configured as in atmel.com/tools/CODEEXAMPLESFOR8051SPI.aspx

You already took a look here :

The project concerns the W5500 but the library also includes W5200/W5100 … but uses a product of Silicon Labs.
However what you say on C is not correct… if you Download this zip:
under “\Work\App\source\W5200” you found generic C source for all functions you need.
Unlike other chip there are no examples of DHCP and DNS but you can retrieve them from another chip as the W5500, changes the mapping of registers (see W5200.h) but the functions remain the same.


After few days of fight I get what I wanted.