How to use driver?

Hi! I want to create TCP server. Tell me please how to configure it and read/write data to sockets.
I have downloaded w5100 driver for avr from site and have ATMega128A board. but i don’t know how to use library.
Give me please examples.

ATMega128A it is not among the official board but is an Arduino? Maybe it Arduino Amber?
What I seem to have realized is that you do not even familiar with the development system of the card … right?
If so you should first practice with the development IDE and then become interested in devices that can be connected.
If is an Arduino board you can start from here [url][/url] and download the latest IDE to begin.

I use Atmel Studio IDE and connect w5100 to SPI. I don’t want to use Arduino. I have w5100 library but don’t understand how to write code. I need some examples of TCP/IP server initialisation.

I also do not use arduino but I converted these sources for other MPUs.
See app note here [url][/url] for DHCP and DNS examples calls routines that interest you instead In what you have already downloaded there are routines ( in modules W5100.c and socket.c) for W5100 registers and listen function.
For the server mode setting sequence instead look here [url]TCP Example] is for the W5500 but is practically the same.