AX1.exe Running on Windows 8.1 (64-bit)


I am not sure where to create this thread, but since I am developing an application using W5500, I hope it is alright to post it here.

I tried to run the AX1 (v3.1) on Windows 8.1 64-bit, the results are not as expected. (#1)

Please see the attached picture. The speed and time are shown in negative values.

I tried to install in another PC (#2), this time the speed is “0” and the time is “INF”. (see picture attached)

Please assist. Thank you. :question:


If you want to see the time value, you have to click the CPUTICK button before test execute.
When CPUTICK button click, it is obtain the cpu clock which is used to operate the AX1.
Please refer to attached file.


AX1 made on Window XP and Intel Pentium CPU.
So, CPU tick is not extact Upper WIndows & CPU.

If you want to exact performance, use iperf program.
Thank you.