Interrupts on a W5200

I have written code to use the interrupt capability of the W5200. I have set up the interrupt mask register to allow interrupts for socket 0, S0_IMR(0x402C:0x1F). I have also enabled socket interrupt in IMR2 (0x0036:0x01). The socket is setup as a server and when I connect with a client. I see the S0_IR ( 0x4002:0x05) which indicates that a connection was made and that data was received. Upon checking IR2(0x0034:0x01), there is an indication that Socket 0 has an interrupt pending, however, monitoring the IRQ line on pin 40, that pin does not change. Is there some other register that has to be set.

The Wiznet5200 has a chip version of 3.

you already took a look here …