About detection method of disconnection LAN cable

Hi all,

I want to detect by uC whether LAN cable is disconnect via W5100 TCP/IP.
I use W5100 as a server.

Thank you.

I checked the specifications and unlike other chip (like the W5200) that did not have the PHY link status register so you can not do this test.

Hi Coccoliso,

Thank you for your reply.
I got it. :slight_smile:
So I will check disconnection cable by transmission tame out.


If you have an home made card can use pin 66 even if:
Link LED : Active low in link state indicates a good status for 10/100M. It is always ON when the link is OK and it flashes while in a TX or RX state. then flashes when communicating … I saw that an arduino library uses a GPIO to read this state then someone has already tried with success.