Wizfi210 SPI communication problem

I cant communicate with the WizFi210 module via SPI interface. I have established the serial RS-232 communication and the AT-commands have be sent and received successfully but via SPI interface there isn’t any feedback.
I’d be helpful if someone could help me in this matter.

hello. Mohsen,

if you can’t communication with the WizFi210, you have to check the firmware version of WizFi210 module.
because another firmware of WizFi210 exists for SPI interface.

if your mudule can communicate with mcu or pc using UART. you have to change another firmware for SPI.

i can send an e-mail attached firmware for SPI to you. please check your e-mail and test it.

I upgraded the module with the new firmware and i can communicate via SPI interface successfully now.

Thank you