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Lost communication

When using a WIZ550 after several times using the Wiznet Configuration program, I find I can no longer communicate with the module. No amount of resets, factory reset, or power downs will allow the config utility to find it again. Thought I had damaged it so bought 3 more. After 5 minutes of setting IPs and DNS info found that another one will no longer communicate, and the third can be found but will not let any more settings to be changed or a factory reset to be performed. Also tried uploading new firmware but that failed (with no message whatsoever). Cannot connect through serial port either - does not respond to commands.

How do I reset the modules? The factory reset pin seems to have no effect. Are these units really that unstable?



I’m very sorry to read your post.

How can I know the exact name of the model? for example as WIZ550S2E, WIZ140SR…


Hi Ricky

The model is the WIZ550S2E.

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