Internet POST command

I am using the standard HTTP Post format on a PC (language is LabVIEW) to send Post commands to a server. That works fine. I now want to use a WIZ550 with a small sensor to do the same thing. However, as I read the documentation for the Wiznet modules it seems that I can’t just connect this module to an internet-enabled network and send a post command, like it does on the PC. The Wiznet module seems to want to open a connection to an IP and port. But the server has a dynamic IP and even if it was static my server won’t respond to the open connection request properly.

So do I have to change the server so it can respond to a request from the Wiznet module to open a connection, or is there a way to get the Wiznet module to simply send the Post command (which contains all necessary domain, sub-domains, and data string) through the internet to the server?


How can I know the exact name of the model? for example as WIZ550S2E, WIZ140SR…


It is the WIZ550S2E