Can't connect with WIZ120SR


I’m using the WIZ120 on a custom board. When i try searching with WIZ120SR_CFG tool it won’t find the device (does not show the mac adres)


The link/act led is blinking, this means in my opinium the there is a connection and the W5100 did some negoitan with my network switch?

My network is dhcp based

On what level is the search preformd? does the configuration tool send a broadcast based on the settings of the PC the tool is running?


when i connect a terminal program to both the rs232 devices and poweron the device, it is not outputting anything. i’m listing on 9600 8N1.
what are the factory baudrate settings


The board uses about 200mA without ethenet cable plugged in, en around 180mA with ethenet cable plugged in.
The W5100 is getting hot, i guess around 40 a 50 degrees celsius
Power is attached at the correct point
The BOOT_M signal is copyd from the schematic. When the jumper is attached it is pulled high, en when the jumper is removed it is floating.
the manual says the is has to be low???

King regards,

Niels Braspenning

Hi, Niels.
Please try to Ping test to WIZ120SR board. Default board’s network settings as below.

  • Default IP:
  • Default GW: 192.16811.1
  • Default Subnet:


WIZ120SR Configuration tool search function is based on UDP broadcast.
Please re-check the OS firewall and anti-virus program. (setting disables)


default serial setting is 115200 8N1.


The W5100 chip’s temperature is in the allowable range. This chip generate heat because including PHY.
The Boot signal pin is for Boot mode selection. This pin must be set to Low for NORMAL operations. (Good to use jumper)

  • High : boot as MCU bootloarder
  • Low : boot as WIZ120SR application

Thanks, that did the trick,

However i changed some settings, baudrate for example en using DHCP. this works fine
I can make a connection en send/receive information from serial ports over the network connections
I can ping the device, however i can not (even not with direct ip) reach the device with the configuration tool, after i changed the settings with the tool

Is there a way to go back to factory settings, or can i change/check the confirguration with ethernet, instead of serial

WIZ120/125SR products do not support ‘Factory reset’ function.
Please check as follows when SEARCH function fails:

  1. Please disabled the OS firewall and anti-virus program.

  2. If you use the Virtual machine on Windows (e.g., VirtualBox, VMware), Please disabled network adapter for Virtual machines (e.g., VirtualBox Host-Only Network, and Etc.) or adjusted metric priorities for network adapters. There is a possibility that the problem occurs because of Metric priorities.

Please refer to below for more details.