Connect WizFI220 with STM32L053 Discovery Board


I have a problem with my WizFi220 EVB.

I need the data sheets for the WizFi220 Evb. I just found data sheets of the WizFi220 modul, but not for the EvB…

What I want is to get power consumption from my microcontroller.
What pins are reserved for the Power Consumption at the WizFi220 Evb?

Thanks in advanced.

hi cgp.

The schematic of WizFi220-EVB was attached in registered e-mail.


Thanks for reply and for schematic,

I cant see the pins for powercosumption on the WizFi220 board. Can you help me?


hi cgp

if you want to use UART
you can use UART0(J6, pin 1 is 3.3V and pin 4 is gnd) when those pins connected with MCU and EVB.


Thanks for reply,

I have a problem with my WizFi220.
I build up a connection between STM32 and the WizFI220 EVB with UART.
If I send a string from my PC to the WIzFi220 modul and display this string at my STM32 the string has an attatchmend of 0x0D and 0x0A.
This means the modul sends the string and also 0D = carriage return…

Can you help me to disable this?

hi cgp

Carriage Return(0x0d, 0x0a) must follow the AT command like below.
ex) input=> AT\r (0x61 0x74 0x0d) response => \r\n[OK]\r\n (0x0d 0x0a 0x5b 0x4f 0x4b 0x5d 0x0d 0x0a)

This is a Echo back of what you sent to WizFi220.
If you want to disable echo back. you can just use “ATE0” command for echo disable.