WIZ100SR magnetic interface

I am using the WIZ100SR for the first time. I have a circuit design that was going to use a Microchip LAN chip as the network interface but I am having trouble with that, so I turned to Wiznet products due to their claim of easy network interfacing. My board has a POE input, with a POE power supply that works fine. The circuitry also has transformers and passive components to connect the TX+, TX-, RX+, and RX- lines of the network, with the design being given me by the POE chip designers, so presumably it is correct. But when I connect the WIZ100SR to it the configuration tool (WIZ100SR/105SR/110SR Configuration Tool 3.0.2) cannot see the module. I also noticed that my switch does not indicate a connection, although it does work when I plug it into a WIZ550S2 (I have tested the cable and connection and it is fine). So is there something wrong with my circuit design, or is it something else?
SCH.pdf (504 KB)