W7500 Etherenet access speed

W7500 has embedded etherenet controller.

For example W5500 has maximum transfer rate (host-controller) 40Mbps beacuse SPI limitation.
But what is this limitation for W7500? There is no documentation how etherenet core connected to Cortex CPU, therefore we cannot calculate it.

Thanks for any information.


You not use the Wizwiki-W7500 board?

Just using W7500 chip?

W7500 internal TCP/IP core is same the W5500.

Basically function is same.

Just your question is W7500 chip internal SPI speed?

Thank you

I try to decide, I can use W5500 or I can use 7500.

“Just your question is W7500 chip internal SPI speed?”
That menas, W7500 Cortex CPU connected to etherenet core with SPI?
If yes, then what is troughput of this interface?


W7500 chip is Coretex-M3 + TCP/IP Stack Ethernet.

W7500 is not using SPI.

W5500 is connected MCU. and using SPI mode.

W7500 SPI Spec is refer to below URI.

wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=pro … herals:ssp

Thank you

Edward, thank you for answer!

But I still have not enough data to decide wich one is the faster, if I use 7500 internal MCU and Etherent or I use fast MCU with SPI connected to 5500?

Best wishes.