WIZ107SR MAC address

I am using WIZ107SR module.
I have installed configuration tool and did search.Its showing MAC address as FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF and remaining address as default values.

I am not able to ping the device.
So how I can do this.
Please help me in this.


I have a few question.

  1. When purchase WIZ107SR?

  2. where is purchase WIZ1077SR?

3.You are first use to WIZ107SR? and you are WIZ107SR user?

Thank you

I have not bought directly. I have got in my organization from some other person.
Yes I am using this first time.

Please give me some solution.



It is MAC ADDRESS erase problem.

It is don’t have MAC ADDRESS.

So, Writing MAC ADDRESS in WIZ107SR Moudle.

There is MAC ADDRESS number Sticker on WIZ107SR Module.

After a few days we give you MAC ADDRESS Guide

Thank you.


MAC ADDRESS Re-write steps.

  1. Switch on the H/W Trigger in EVB
  2. Connect the WIZ107SR (+EVB) to PC serial port(UART)
  3. Run the attached WizMACTool Program and check the [For ReWriting WIZ107SR MAC] option.
  4. Select the WIZ107SR’s COM Port / baudrate: 57600bps and click the connect button.
  5. Write your MAC address to [MAC] field and then click the [Write MAC] Button on WizMACTool
    (WIZ107SR has its own MAC ADDRESS)

WizMACTool.zip (6.83 MB)

a postscript = If can’t see COM PORT in Serial Port, Then This field click and push upper&down keyboard.

Thank you

Thank you for advising me in this issue.

I am not using evaluation board.
I am having wiznet module.
Can you please explain step 0 (Switch on the H/W Trigger in EVB).
What are all the pins should be connected and to which voltage these pins should be connected.

Is there will be any message after MAC address get re written successfully.


There is H/W Trigger pin in WIZ107SR moudle…

you have WIZ107SR + WIZ107SR-EVB ?

Thank you

Hi, sravanthi.

H/W Trigger pin is active LOW. The Step #0 means that H/W Trigger pin (Pin 8) connect to GND.