WIZ550io schematic and PIC memory for MAC Address

Hi guys,

I just acquired a WIZ550io module.
I am a little confused about the schematics.
Where is the PIC memory (that gives the MAC Address) into the schematics ?

If I need to connect this memory for asking the MAC Address information, how can I do this ?

Am I messing something?
Thanks for all replies in advance.

André Ribeiro


below WIZ550io Schematic.


See the Hardware guide menu.

So, PIC part number ‘U2’ full name is PIC12F519.

Your question is ‘how to know MAC ADDRESS’ in PIC?

Thank you


Thank you so much for your kindly reply.

Sorry my mistake. I was looking for some memory (e.g. microchip 11AA02E48) on the circuit to provide the MAC address.
And Yes. If I will use my uC (out of the WIZ550io board) to connect with the W5500 using SPI, how can I use the MAC Address wrote into the PIC ? Is it possible ?

thanks a lot.
p.s.: sorry my poor English.


Thank you for your reply

11AA02E48 Device is UNIO communication?

This communication is not to operation

W5500 chip compatible function is I2C and SPI

WIZ550io PIC is using SPI commucation.

PIC program is develop to inside to company

It is get the PIC internal MAC ADDRESS to the first boot.

And change internal Mux select pin. (RDY signal)

So, communication possible with Master board.

Thank you

Hello andre87,

WIZ550io has PIC MCU inside and default IP, Subnet, Gateway address and MAC address are stored in data flash of PIC.
The reason why we put PIC MCU on it is to make you not consider your own MAC address.
When power on, PIC initialize W5500 with default values stored in its data flash and hand over the access to W5500 to the external MCU, your MCU, raising RDY pin to ‘HIGH’.
Therefore, you don’t need to write a MAC address to W5500 any more.
Just write IP address and other values related to Network configuration if you need.
And don’t use software reset. If so, W5500 will lose all configured data and it can’t communicate with those values any more. To solve it, you should write all information, IP address, subnet mask, Gateway address and even MAC address again with your MCU.

Thank you.