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WIZ550web - clearance under module?

I would like to place other components under the WIZ550web module, but I don’t see the module back-side clearance dimensions specified anywhere. I don’t have a module yet or I would just measure it myself. Anyone care to measure the tallest component on the backside of a WIZ550web module for me? I can calculate how much room I have for my components given this dimension.




Your question is board side height ? It is correct?

refer to below picture.

It is 2.54mm pin-header, RJ-45(MAGJACK) Dimension.

If don’t soldering pin-header & RJ-45,

Thank you

I was asking about the distance from the base board to the largest component on the back side of the module. This would be important if you wanted to place other logic on your base board under the module. I ended up just getting a module and measuring it, but this might be a good dimension to document in the future.


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