WIZ110SR web page access

Have it working and can send and recieve information to and from my MCU to a program on computer.
Now trying to create a web page, but there seems to be a problem when I type the IP address + port in the browser that I get gibberish, it does connect but instead of getting “GET / HTTP/1.1” I get see attached file. As the MCU does not receive “GET” it cannot send the web page.

Why do I not Get “GET / HTTP/1.1” ?
wiz text reply.txt (315 Bytes)

Dear DaveOLW

WIZ110SR is S2E module. (Serial to Ethernet)
That means WIZ110SR is not related with web page or HTTP.
If you need a product to support HTTP, I suggest WIZ550web module.
Please refer to the following.


Should not the WIZ110SR receive the HTTP code request sent from a web site and pass this to the serial, and then I send from the serial the response (web page) back through the WIZ110SR to the Browser?

I have code from the Arundio forum where they are doing that and I have tried but as said the serial does not receive the “GET” request.

It does work if I use Telnet the “GET” request is received by the serial (my MCU) and then the web site code (text) is returned to the Telnet consul but of this cannot display the page.

Thanks David.

Please refer to the following.

  1. To set Server Mode.
  2. To set Port 80.
  3. To connect on browser.
  4. Send a proper response.