[From QnA] Wiz105sr sending HTTP get request

I am using WIZ105SR module and have enabled the DHCP. On booting I am able to get IP address, g/w and server address. I obtain this address from my wireless internet router.
I get the following:
IP address:
Subnet Mask:
Server address is configured as port 80 (WIznet configuration tool)

My application is to send HTTP GET request to an IP (DNS has been disabled) and receive 200 OK as response.
However my request is not sent. I checked the ethereal logs and found that wiznet broadcast an ARP request asking for who has IP.
Can you please help as in why wiznet asks for as its my DHCP server IP(wireless internet router).

Dear customer.
Thanks for your interest in WIZ105SR.

It is because is set as the gateway IP address.
If source and destination are not in same LAN, source send arp request to gateway and gateway re-send arp request to another gateway. Finally, arp request packet arrives at destination.