Question about communication problems


I am troubled by the following problems.

When the contact of the magnet switch is opened and closed, communication is stopped due to the influence of noise.
And, the communication is resumed from the communication is stopped after about 2.5 seconds.
When the noise came in during the communication,How does the W5100 process until the communication resumed from the stop?

Does the communication stop time have a way to eliminate or to shorten?


But in general, if there’s interruption on the communication line between W5100 and remote device, W5100 re-sends request within time defined in Retry Time register. Note that interruption may work in both directions: W5100 sends request, remote device does not receive it, then W5100 re-sends request. Or W5100 sends request, remote device receives it, then sends response, and W5100 does not receive the response.
But anyway 2.5 seconds is relatively long interval of time for modern networking.

You should explain your problem in more detail, what you do and what exactly you get (in your application and as seen by the W5100 LEDs).
But right now you can make small test - if it is possible - move remote server as close to the W5100 device as possible (the best using single hub between W5100 and device) to see if timing (2.5s) is the same, and effect of your actions is the same.

PS. Is WO2015107570 your work?

Dear Eugeny

We use the server mode at w5100.
LED light will disappear at the same time when the communication stops.
Communication that stop it is when the solenoid valve is operated.
(When communication stops, it does not have a pulse is generated in the TX and RX part.)
And LED lights up again after about 2.5 seconds, it will be able to communicate.
(When it will be able to communicate, the pulse of the TX and RX part will occur.)

Rather than the register set of the W5100, there is a process that enables the communication again in internal processing, does it have took about 2.5 seconds?

I think you are talking about your overall solution issue rather than about W5100 issue. W5100 does not have solenoid valve, and there should be no solenoid valve between W5100 and remote device on the network, correct?
Most probably you control solenoid valve using network connection which employs W5100.
And I guess that these 2.5 seconds may be related to the time valve is being operated (close-open or open-close), and your application waits for valve to finish its action. Am I correct?