WIZ107SR not found with Config tool

Hi to all.
I have connected my WIZ107SR(only WIZ107SR, NOT entire EVB) only pin 1(Vcc), pin 12(GND) and RJ-45 ethernet cable. When I launched the config tool there is no manner to find the WIZ card. Is there some other pin to connect for enable the card? Obviously, after, i will connect the RS-232 pins to my circuit.
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You check RJ-45 Green & Yellow Link LED ?

If LED is on to turn on a fire wall.

Setting is control panel → Windows fire wall → Windows Turn off the firewall. → Off(not recommended) check

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Hi MVelec.
Did you turn Windows firewall or Anti-virus program on?

First, I guess the firewall caused problem like you. If yes, please turn Firewall off and try re-Search using configuration tool.

Second, If you use the Virtual machine on Windows (e.g., VirtualBox), Please disabled virtual network adapter for Virtual machines (e.g., VirtualBox Host-Only Network, and Etc.) or adjusted metric priorities for network adapters. There is a possibility that the problem occurs because of Metric priorities.

Please refer to the below information.

Hi to all.
Thank you for your replies. Tomorrow i’ll try your suggestions.
Anyway i already tried to disable firewall and the yellow/green leds on RJ-45 are off
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Hi, Valentino.
Please request RMA to your dealer or distributor near you.
We can verifying the WIZ107SR module operations in headquarter for you.