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Config tool 1.0.2 problem

Hi. I recently received 2 wiz550web boards. I’m trying to configure the boards using the config tool 1.0.2 but cant set the port number. In fact the only thing I seem to be able to do successfully is set the IP address of the unit and the gateway. All the other fields are ‘greyed out’ and wont let me enter any values. I’m running win8.1 and Java V8 update 60. WIZ550web firmware is 1.0.1 thanks.

Yes I am having same problem, can we have an answer to this.

Hi, dworboys and David.
WIZ550web’s configuration tool is supported limited setting features. Because users can set module’s configurations using by a web page.
(Users can directly produce a web page containing the new settings.)

The available features / settings as follows:

The HTTP port number can be modified in the code.
Please change the ‘#define HTTP_SERVER_PORT 80’ in project: httpParser.h file.
github.com/Wiznet/WIZ550web/blo … tpParser.h

New firmware v1.1.1 update released.
I hope to use the new firmware version includes bug fixes and Improvements. (It works well in IE.)


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