[From QnA] How to communicate to serial device using WIZ110S

I recently purchased a WIZ110SR serial to ethernet converter. Using the the WIZ110SR Configuration Tool Ver 3.0.2., I was able to search and detect the device . I want to know how to use it for communicate with a laptop and and serial device.
I want to know that after making the configuration, how to communicate to the COM device.

Dear customer.
Thanks for your interest in WIZ110SR.
If you want to communicate to WIZ110SR, you need to make socket program.
I tell you one program for just testing.
Download program.
[url]Hercules SETUP utility | HW-group.com

Then, set IP and port, and connect. Next send data.


Dear customer.
Thanks for your interest in WIZ110SR.
I tell you more detail procedure.

  1. Serial → ethernet
    Set Server mode.

  2. Click TCP client tap then, set Module IP with WIZ110SR’s IP.
    Then click Connect.

  3. Send data then you can see in terminal program.

You can change ethernet → serial.
WIZ110SR is set to client mode. And connect to Hercules tool
when Hercules tool is running TCP server mode.

Hello ,
Thanks for the timely reply
After trying the steps provided by you , my problem still exists.

Let me eloborate the problem
After making the configuration and as per user manual down loaded from your website.
I have tried the Testing serial to Ethernet function( section 5.2 in the UManual). I followed the steps provided in the manual using Device terminal downloaded from your site. I was able to establish the connection in both serial as well as in the Ethernet port . But when I am sending the a command or a character from serial section it is not seen in the Ethernet section and vice versa.
Same thing I have tried using hyper terminal , same situation there also, Ie. I could able to connect to the serial and Ethernet port in the two terminal windows , but could send a character to each other.
Another thing I tried is , to communicate to a serial device( device is working fine with serial to USB converter), using WIZ110SR, Here I used labview program . The device is a serial DAQ board with on board relay. Here I was able to send a command to switch on and switch off the relay.( this command demands no reply from the device) But when I send a command to read an analog input, no reply is coming back. The read operation is timed out with nothing to read back. That means some problem in receiving data or command from the serial device using theWIZ110SR .
Please provide a solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance
Aju Samuel

Dear customer.
Thanks for your interest in WIZ110SR.
I tested WIZ110SR through your provided process.
It worked well.
So, I think you should check baud rate.
It will connect serial although baud rate is not match.
Please, check baud rate and reply.

I have a situation similar to ywkwon´s but with WIZ107SR.
I have problems receiving data from ethernet to serial. Data transmission from serial to ethernet is ok.
To achieve this direction of transmission, I use Wiznet´s Config Tools to configure the WIZ107 in CLIENT MODE. I used Hercules and Hyperterminal to check the communication.
The data transmission from ethernet (hercules) side was unsuccessful but data flows from serial side quite well.
The serial speed is 9600 baud, 8 bites, 1 stop, parity: none, flow control: none.
Configured the WIZ either as CLIENT or as SERVER the data always goes from the serial side to the ethernet side.
I will appreciate your kind help.