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WIZ550WEB Digital Status and ON/OFF buttons not working

Having got the unit setup now, had to use webpage to set configerations because items in Configeration tool are all greyed out.
But now on Demopage Digital Status the ON/OFF buttons do not work nor the status LEDS.
Any ideas why this does not work?

On the Demopage at the top LED0 and LED1 which it states is on-board status, on the board there are three leds D1, D2, D3
D1 is Green, D2 is off, D3 is Red, is this correct, should these change when operating the buttons under LED0 and LED1?

The Serial Data does not work, when you send text nothing comes back. Any ideas why this does not work?


Hi David.
The following informations will help you.

Please update firmware and demo web pages both.


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