I can't to use WIZ108SR

I try to use WIZ108SR. When I turn on with 3.3V I saw only red light. After that I connected ethernet cable and I didn’t see that it works. Green and yellow light-diodes on ethernet-connector don’t work. There is a net cable isn’t connected on my PC.
What I should do for working with WIZ108SR?


I have a few question.

  1. When buying a WIZ108SR?
  2. Where did you connect the module to?
  3. Please tell us your test environment and configurations. (H/W Version)
    • You just ethernet cable connect. and just don’t working green & yellow light-diodes?
  4. What is mean for below syntax?
    • “There is a net cable isn’t connected on my PC”

more information refer to below URI

Thank you

I try to use WIZ108SR. I bought it in may 2015. A module has such a description: WIZ108SR R1.4 2014-04-28. I plugged a power 3.3V and ethernet-cable. On other side is PC. My PC with Win8.1 didn’t see connected cable to WIZ108RS though cable is in good condition (I checked it with other ethernet-devices).
Today I spoke with seller and he promised to help with this module.

I checked out the module, everything works well, I updated the software to the latest version. You need to check your network adapter in your computer. Soon get it back. Your disributor :slight_smile: .