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Precisioin about AT+WCHECK please


in the description, you write :

[quote] Format:

Meaning: Check Wi-Fi status using Ping and Re-association with AP

It must be set as service mode in order to use Re-association function.
This function only exist later vision of F/W [/quote]

i don’t find any FW version !.. just then …

is it available on ?
when the will become ‘stable’ version ?

thanks, regards

Hi phil31

As you know, You can just use version for using AT+WCHECK version is a private version because it is too unstable to release.


thanks daniel

then when do you plan to switch to “stable” ?


Hello phil31

You can consider is stable.


is it an official update ?



A is not official firmware, it is a beta version. but you can only use AT+WCHECK at



i’m using now

i set AT+WCHECK=10,5,3 (if i right understand, do automatically PING to the AP, each 10 seconds and reboot if failed answer)
i right receive the [OK], but i don’t see (wireshark) any PING request from my WIZFI device !

did i miss something please ?

Wiznet team,

as you stop the development of your W250, do you stop too the forum support !?


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