[From QnA] Not connecting to Wiz1000


Hi, I’m having two problems.

1st, I’m unable to see my Wiz1000 box. It started out fine, registering when I entered password. Then I clicked around the configuration interface a bit, and - not knowing what I did - the device is no olnger available.

If I scan the subnet, I can see the device on ip with an ip-scanner, but a scan from config does not reveal it.

I tried to reset device on hardware button. How to find the hardware now?

2nd: WHEN the hardware is found, I see no mention of any com-ports. I was under the impression that I would get a COM port so my application could use it just as if my end-device was connected directly to the computer.

Can you please clarify this?


Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in WIZ1000.
1> When you cannot find WIZ1000, please follow below steps:
1>>Check whether the LAN LINK led is ON.
2>> Press reset button and find ii again after the reset
3>> Could you see any message in the serial hyper terminal?
4>> After 1~3, if you still could not find WIZ1000, please contact with your local distributor and apply RMA immediately. Our WIZnet Europe branch will try to analyze the reason and repairt it.

2>Actually, I cannot capture your point here. What do you mean by “I see no mention of any com ports”?
WIZ1000 is a serial-to-ethernet product. You can connect your RS232-level’s serial device with WIZ1000 directly.



Thanks for your answer.
The device has already been reset, it IS on - I have lights in power, Link, and ACT is flashing, and I’m able to detect that a unit is sitting on the IP with a portscanner.
But the device is not answering to a search from the configuration tool.
2nd) If I am to use the device plugged in to the serial gateway, I was expecting that the serial server would expose a COM port so I could use the original device. Perhaps It is the wrong product I have obtained…I need an “Ethernet-extension-cord” for my RS232 device, as my computer is not in the same building as my device.
So normally my software will find a device on “COM2” when I plug serial cable into the computer, but now, I was expecting to start up a service that would transform Ethernet signals to COM port signals.

Do I have to write such “COM-Emulator software” myself?


1> Configtool is using UDP broadcasting to search WIZ1000, so your PC must be in the same subnet with WIZ1000. Please check whether your PC is set as 192.168.11.*** and subnet is
2> You should download WIZVSP or other virtual serial port software to meet the requirements of your application.
If you want to get WIZVSP, please contact to sales@wiznet.co.kr