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Using more than one WIZ110SR with a computer

I want to connect 2 (or more) WIZ110SR to a computer. Is it possible
(dose its software handle it now ?).

Dear nadersokout

Does its software mean a configuration tool?
A CFG tool can handle a lot of module.


Dear Jim,
Thanks for your reply.

Do you mean I can use " Config-Tool WIZ100SR /WIZ105SR /WIZ110SR Config Tool for Windows v3.0.2" ?

Possibility of this problem is very important to me because I have to buy 2 or more WIZ110SR.
Please let me know if you had same experience.
Thanks a lot.

Yes, you can use a config tool.
How many modules do you connect?


6 modules.

You can confirm all modules in Board list of CFG tool.

Thanks for your reply.
I will check and give you feedback.
Best regards,

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