Wiznet UDP multicast Socket not receiving any Unicast packets

I have Requirement to use one of the socket of wiznet w5300 as multicast UDP socket , Its well receiving all the Packets sent by others who are there in the same multicast group. But i want this socket should receive any Unicast packet sent from a non member (x) of this group. X will send a Unicast packet to wiznet multicast UDP socket using IP address and port number of this socket.

I wanted a wiznet UDP Multicast socket which able to receive Unicast data too.
Is it possible? and How?

Did you ever find an answer to this question?

Can a socket only be setup for multicast and cannot receive unicast?

I have a test system that I see the same thing, socket 0 setup for multicast can only receive multicast and not unicast messages.


W5300 UDP Multicast socket receives both multicast packet and unicast packet.
No additional settings are required.

Thank you