Phy for W7500

Hi all,

We wanted to use W7500 till W7500P release but we don’t know much about Phy’s.
Since IP101A is not accessible in EU through local distributors can we replace it with any other? What we need to look what help to choose?
Anybody can suggest Phy for this chip what available in EU?

Thank you!

Attila Nagy
ZANE systems ltd.

I have the same question.

Hello, anagy and tuxxas

Sorry for late the reply… I did not notice this issues because it is not in W7500 category…

At the result, any PHY is ok with W7500.

But you need to set the interface with W7500.

If you have time to wait releasing W7500P until the end of this month, it will be another solution.

Thank you and I hope it will be helpful


Hi anagy,

I’ve recently made a design with W7500. As i’m in europe i’ve choose an available PHY … the KSZ8091MNX. As lawrence says, i think any PHY with standard MII interface may works, but i can confirm that KSZ8091MNX is ok below, the used schematics)

Note: lot of PHY have the same pin order (rx signals first) but … IP101G not. So with IP101G pcb trace are more simple :confused: