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Reg.: Source IP and Port display in Wiz110SR

Dear All,

Any possibility is there to display the Source IP and Port address in the Wiznet110SR ?

Any commands to get the source IP in which the data is got.

Thanks in advance.

Dear sivaprakash

What does “Source IP” mean?
If it is Local IP(Host IP), you can see it in config tool.
Refer to http://www.wiznet.co.kr/product-item/wiz110sr/

Or you can use serial commands through a terminal.
Refer to User Manual.


Dear Jim,

If we connect the Wiz110SR to network, we can able to send message from various PC (IP address).

Do we able to get, from which PC or IP the messages are coming?

In the manual and configurator tool, it shows only local IP and Server IP.

WIZ110SR is only S2E module. There is no function to support your request.
If you want to get advanced APIs, you have to use your MCU and wiznet’s chip(e.g. W5500).
Refer to a Datasheet of W5500.


Thanks Jim.

We will look into the other ways to get achieve the same or with other module.

Thanks for your support.

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