W5500 with SSL

Has anyone implemented SSL with the W5500 chip? I can’t find where the chip supports SSL. I would like to be able to send emails, but a lot of email servers don’t allow unsecured emails (they can - it’s just the administrators do not allow it).

Thanks in advance.


SSL is a protocol.
The HTTPS protocol (SSL for HTTP) exists as a predefined scheme.
Other schemes (e.g. SMTP across SSL/TLS or POP3 across SSL/TLS) can be implemented based on the ssl:// and tls:// schemes, which implement SSL and TLS on top of TCP sockets.
There are several SSL / TLS versions (SSLv2, SSLv3 , TLSv1).
W5500 have 8 indipendent socket that allow you to communicate with the same endpoints on different ports so the answer is yes, you can use SSL.