Frequent Rebooting of WIZ110SR

Dear All,

We need to receive the data from various IP address to a device through WIZ110SR.

Wiz110SR is connected to one Server IP for TCP/IP protocol, If we need to get data from another IP address, then again we need to configure the WIZ110SR and Reboot the same.

So due to frequent rebooting the WIZ110SR cause any issue ?

Is there any other way to connect to different IP address without reboot the WIZ110SR.

Thanks in advance.

Dear sivaprakash

If you want to use multi port, I recommend WIZ140SR or WIZ145SR.
4 port(socket) are supported in WIZ140/145SR.
Refer to [url][/url] and [url][/url]

If you need more connection, you have to implement the firmware of your prototype board to used WIZnet’s chip.
Max. 8 sockets are supported in WIZnet’s chip.
Refer to datasheet of W5500. [url][/url]