W7100A and W7100-S2E-100

Hi, good morning.

Recently, we ordered 200 pcs of the p/n W7100A, but we learned that this item does not come with a programmed firmware.

In fact, I think that we need the p/n W7100A-S2E-100.


• Is it possible to record a firmware in the Q7100A, so that it would become the W7100A-S2E-100?
• If so, where could we get this tool to record it?

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Sidonio Camacho

Hello, scamacho

WIZnet sells W7100A with no firmware And sells W7100-S2E with WIZ107SR firmware.

So, if you want to use W7100A like W7100-S2E, there is the possible way to flesh the W7100-S2E firmware.

This Link has the information about W7100-S2E.

And this Link has W7100-S2E open firmware

Please refer the W7100-S2E schematic as well.

Thank you


We are developing a special purpose board on which we hope to place 4 W7100A devices. Our intent is to use them to connect Ethernet ports coming into our system to console ports of various products attached to our system. We’ve been looking at the device and have some questions.

Areas of most concern:
Configuration of MAC Addresses and IP Addresses
Reference SW - Customization

  1. I read that the development board/evaluation Kit comes with the W7100A preprogrammed with Serial to Ethernet firmware and MAC Address. Are we able to order individual chips the same way, with preprogrammed firmware, MAC Address, and, possibly, defined IP configurations (more than just base S2E)?

  2. Do we get the source code for the S2E firmware? We would like our system to be set up to just run the S2E application but we would need to have MAC Addresses and IP Addresses already configured at power up. We do not see a way of performing the configuration from an external controller or memory device. Is there a direct way of configuring these parameters from a uC or EEPROM?

  3. Has the W7100A with S2E firmware been tested against the WIZ1000 product? Our application here is Serial Tunneling over Ethernet with the one end connected to a PC and the other end is our system with W7100As connected to other equipment.

  4. Has the W7100A with S2E firmware been tested against other vendors’ Serial to Ethernet Converter products? Can you provide a list of compatible products?

We truly appreciate your help with these questions.
Thank you,

Hello, brainM

I supposed to notice MAC and IP Address… sorry about that.

  1. We have W7100A-S2E [url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/product-item/w7100-s2e/[/url]. it has everything you want, MAC, Firmware.

  2. It is the Applicastion Note and source code for W7100A. The base IDE is keil. I could not test and check it… in a day… but if you have problem with this, i will do. I think there is setting MAC and IP somewhere. But you have to buy EEPROM including Real MAC.
    And I recommend W7100A-S2E [url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/product-item/w7100-s2e/[/url]

  3. If you want to use WIZ1000, no use w7100A firmware. Caz, WIZ1000 has it’s own firmware. [url]http://www.wiznet.io/product-item/wiz1000/[/url]

  4. It is hard to understand … w7100A-s2e firmware is using w7100A register and memory… how it tested on other products…??

I am not sure it is enough for helping you.
Please let me know,if you want to ask more.

Thank you


Thank you for the response and the information Lawrence.

  1. From wiznet.co.kr/product-item/w7100-s2e/ it looks like the W7100-S2E comes with a MAC address. How is that provided? Is it part of the firmware that is loaded into the device?

  2. For the W7100-s2e how do we get it to load the IP address? Does that require an EEPROM?

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Hello, brainM

I am so glad to help you.

  1. Yes, as the Hardware Configuration Pic. it has MAC in Flash area and Firmware in App area.

  2. IP address is flexible. So user need to set IP Address with Configuration tool in WIZnet home page.
    With W7100A-S2E, user need to design hardware like WIZ107SR, WIZ108SR
    And set IP address with Configuration Tool
    below link is about WIZ107SR, WIZ108SR schematic.
    below link is Configuration Tool

And the link has all information about above.

Thank you


Thank you Lawrence.
I believe we will be purchasing a couple eval boards to experiment with the device, firmware, and configuration mechanism.

I am thank you for your interests in 7100A.

Anytime, feel free to ask anything curious.


is there a new FW for W7100? The last is 4.06?



Are you looking for WIZ107SR or WIZ108SR(W7100-S2E products) firmware?

thank you

Yes i have version 4.06 …is it the last?

i’m using this chip: W7100-S2E-QFN64
i need the last firmware version.
How can i update the firmware?


sorry for late…

it has every thing about 7100A

If it is not what you wany, please leave message again

I found the programming guide, but there isn’t the firmware file.
In other discussions they talk about 4.06 version…is this the last version?
Because with 4.06 version, the chip sometimes has communication problems in a LAN network where there’s also a Ethercat network. The chip stops to work so I need to restart the communication.

Can you help me?

so sorry where did you get the firmware…?

caz… I only know there is drive file for w7100a.


Dear Marco

sorry for late …

you got the last version yes. you can also get the firmware here.

(7100a-s2e chip uses wiz107sr and wiz108sr firmware)

Did you used previous version before?

Or you only use 4.0.6 firmware?

And the hardware you designed check with this reference document ?

thank you

Thanks Lawrence,
I’m already using the last version (4.06), I was looking for a new version because the chip sometimes has communication problems in a LAN network where there’s also a Ethercat network. The chip stops to work so I need to restart the communication.

Thank you,
Have a nice day

Dear Marco

The 4.0.6 is the last version and there is no plan to update it yet…

Could I ask you what kinds of network problem?

I wonder if the link is being un-linked or if only 7100A chip stops working.

If the link is being un-linked, could you check the link status or phy led?

And if 7100A chip stops working, could you check the last socket status and capture wireshark?

It is hard to know the network problem with one or two situation…

thank you so much