Precision about OTA feature


my module communicate over UART (handshake enable) with my CPU, as expected.
he answer right to all AT commands.

i try to update the firmware by OTA : 2 methods

  • toggle twice FUNCTION pin when the module is running
  • send AT+FOTA command

booth methods work perfectly with the EVB. i see on the terminal :

[code]Set OTA Mode

[OTA Upgrade Handler]

Start OTA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[/code]

==> then i can navigate to the module and upgrade my EVB. after the upgrade, the module right reboot with the new firmware.

when i test it on my board, both methods do same :
after running the FOTA command, or toggle twice the FUNCTION pin,
i receive the “Set OTA Mode” answer message from the module : :smiley:
then NOTHING else (viewed with logic analyzer … NOTHING else after reply of the echo command) :astonished:

now, i manually reset the board … (so the WIZFI module too) … and i see the end part of the OTA message !!! :


[OTA Upgrade Handler]

Start OTA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[/code]

Please some can explain the mechanism behind this feature, WIZFI250 view …?

  • when the module receive the command, does he save it on flash location, then reboot and execute the command ?
  • is there anything that can block the module to start the OTA Upgrade handler (after receive the AT command, or after toggle FUNCTION pin ) ?? ( for sure already carefully check all UART wires, and even try it with handshake disable)

Please anybody have some experience about that ?.. tips ?..

thanks, best regards